Balles agaynst the pestilence or plage, whiche also geue an adour vnto all thinges (1558)

“Take Storax, one part, Ladani one parte, cloues halfe a parte, Campher at your discretion, but lesse then of anye of the other substaunces, of Spikenarde a good quantite, and of Nutmegges also, of all this make paste with Rose water, in the whiche you shal temper Gomme dragant, and Gomme Arabike, sturringe and brusyng […]

Mouth Pastils for Smokers (1873)

Take of Fresh-roasted coffee (in fine powder) …. 1 1/2 ounce Chocolate (do.) …. 1 1/2 ounce White sugar (do.) …. 1 1/2 ounce Vanilla (do.) …. 1 ounce Charcoal (recent; do.) …. 1 ounce Mucilage of tragacanth (to mix) …. q.s. The preceding, sucked ad libitum, are used to sweeten and perfume the breath; the last also acts […]

To Perfume Gloves (1615)

To perfume gloves excellently, take oil of sweet almonds, oil of nutmegs, oil of benjamin, of each a dram, of ambergris one grain, fat musk two grains: mix them altogether and grind them upon a painter’s stone, and then anoint the gloves therewith: yet before you anoint them let them be dampishly moistened with damask […]