An excellent white Paint for the Face (1756)

“Take of the white Part of Hartshorn a Pound, of the Flour of Rice two Pounds, of White Lead half a Pound, of Cuttle Fish Bone two Ounces, Frankincense, Mastich, Gum Arabic, of each an Ounce; dilute the Whole in a sufficient Quantity of Rose-Water. Wash the Face therewith.” Abdeker: Or, the Art of Preserving […]

A Liquid Rouge that exactly imitates Nature (1772)

“Take a pint of good Brandy, and infuse therein half an ounce of Gum Benjamin, an ounce of Red Sanders, and half an ounce of Brazil Wood, both in coarse powder, with half an ounce of Roch Alum. Cork the bottle tight, shake it well every day, and at the expiration of twelve days the […]

A Method to make the Teeth beautifully white (1772)

“Take Rose-water, Syrup of Violets, clarified Honey, and Plantain-water, of each half an ounce; Spirit of Vitriol one ounce; mix them all together; rub the teeth with a linen rag moistened in this Liquor, and then rince the mouth with Rose and Plantain Water, of each equal parts.” The Toilet of Flora, 1772

Varnish for the Face (1756)

“Put into a Bottle twelve Ounces of Brandy, an Ounce of Sandarach, and half an Ounce of Benjamin. Shake the Bottle often, and afterwards let it settle. When you use it, wash your Face before-hand, and it will give it the handsomest Lustre imaginable.” Abdeker: Or, the Art of Preserving Beauty, by Antoin Le Camus, […]

To make the Face fair (1719)

Boyl Rosemary Flowers in White Wine, and wash your Face with the Liquor. The Compleat Servant-Maid by Hannah Woolley, 1719 This would end up being a diluted version of the popular Hungary Water, thought to cure all sorts of ills (besides being a lovely perfume!). It wouldn’t hurt you, unless your skin is irritated by […]

A fluid to die the Hair of a flaxen Colour

Take a quart of Lye prepared from the Ashes of Vine-twigs; Briony, Celandine Roots, and Turmeric, of each half an ounce, Saffron and Lilly Roots, of each two drachms; Flowers of Mullein, Yellow Steebas, Broom, and St. John’s wort, of each a drachm; boil these ingredients together, and strain off the Liquor clear. Frequently wash the […]

Water of the Fountain of Youth (1756)

Take an Ounce of Sulphur Vivum, two Ounces of Olibanum and Myrrh, six Drams of Amber, and a Pound of Rose-Water.  Distill the Whole in a Sand-Heat. Wash your Face with this Water going to Bed, in the Morning following wash it with Barley-Water, and it will look much younger.  Some say that Pine-Apples produce […]