Cosmetics for Clean Living (1800s)

A selection of quotes advocating natural, unaided beauty:

“Let every woman be content to leave her eyes as she found them…” (Mirror of the Graces, 1811)

“The greatest charm of beauty is in the expression of a lovely face…” (Arts of Beauty, 1858)

“fresh air and pure water… are the best and only cosmetics that can be used without prejudice.” (Habits of Good Society, 1859)

“Let then the ladies observe the following rules: In the morning use pure water as a prepatory ablution; after which they must abstain from all sudden gusts of passion, particularly envy, as that gives the skin a sallow paleness… Instead of rouge, let them use moderate exercise, which will raise a natural bloom in their cheek inimitable by art… breathing the morning air at sunrise will give their lips a vermilion hue… (“Toilette of Ladies” The New England Farmer, and Horticultural Register, 1832)

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